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  • 2N redundant UPS topology
  • Dual power distribution till the rack through physically sperate raisers
  • Dedicated transformer and diesel generator with N+1 redundancy for IT and Non-IT infrastructure
  • Very high uptime on power infrastructure
  • Designed for high power density racks
Air Conditioning
  • Hybrid cooling system with N+1 equipment configuration
  • Combination of water cooled and air cooled chillers
  • Dual water distribution system
  • Optimized, uniform and clean air
    flow to the racks
  • Supports high density cooling
ā€˜Zā€™ level security
  • Video surveillance of perimeter and DC floors with digital video recording
  • Advanced fire alarm and aspirating smoke sensors
  • Multilevel access control system along with physical security guards
  • Automatic fire suppression system with Novec1230
  • Other features include ā€“ Water leak detection, Ultrasonic rodent repellents
  • Highest level of security, giving you the complete assurance on data and personal safety
State-of-the-Art Building Structure
  • Building specifically designed for datacenter
  • Load bearing capacity of 1500 kg/sq.m
  • Building designed as per IS 1893:2002 Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures
  • Ideal for high density datacenter build and high safety requirements